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The crew at Rule 42 Productions would like to tell you a little about our Chicago area operation. We're all very polite and we try to keep money in our savings accounts. We brush twice daily.

And when we're not working on our hygiene or our manners, we make moving pictures, or "talkies". We also dabble in CD-ROM, Graphic, and Audio Design.

We are honored to have been involved in three award winning projects...

"Inspiration Today: In The Footsteps of Paul" Telly Award [Silver]
"The Richland Hospital: First Choice Connection" ASTER Award [Gold]
"Tree" Best Short Film
(Battle Creak Film Festival 2008)
  Production Pro Budget Award
(Bare Bones Film Festival 2008)
  Third Place
(East Lansing Film Festival 2008)

To learn more about the individuals that make up R42, click the faces to your right.

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